Green energy for the industry

Kraftblock’s energy storage systems enable industry players to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energies in their industrial processes and to recycle waste heat.

Kraftblock is a multifunctional Energy Storage for heat and power

  • Large Storage Capacity

    up to several Gigawatt hours

  • High Temperatures

    Use Cases up to 1,300°C

  • All-in-One System

    Combined Solution for Power and Heat


The Kraftblock energy storage system has two application forms: It can be used a Waste-Heat Recycling System for the conversion and reuse of waste heat and as Net-Zero Heat System to replace fossil energies with renewable ones.

Invest in a sustainable core business

Your Benefits

  • Reduced Costs

  • Safe Supply

  • Reduced Energy Consumption

  • Lower CO₂ Emissions

Kraftblock Partners

We are committed to transforming the way energy is used. To achieve this, we are focusing on technologies to overcome the inefficiencies of traditional energy production. We won't stop until we see renewable, environmentally friendly energy being used in industry.

Supported by leading Partners

  • Climate-KIC
  • Mitsubishi Power Europe
  • LDES
  • Tech for Net Zero
  • 3D Experience Lab
  • BMWK
  • MAN
  • Plug and Play
  • Fraunhofer ISE
  • DLR
  • SET100

“We need to make sure our heat sources become renewable.”

As Tempelman

As Tempelman

CEO of Eneco about the Volt project with PepsiCo

“Kraftblock is the kind of solution that we need to scale up and repeat because it makes a huge impact in a relatively short amout of time.”

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