Thermal Energy Storage Large-scale Sustainable Cost-efficient

Kraftblock’s system to replace gas

Kraftblock’s Net-Zero Heat System replaces gas-fired boilers and firings with green heat. Renewable power sources combined with storage are linkd to the application as process heat in industries. The systemenables the transition of processes with up to 1000°C from fossil fuels to renewable energies. Kraftblock’s patented storage system provides 24/7 energy supply and even lowers costs. The application and possibilities apply for every manufacturing industry with heat demand.

Here, we provide a two-pager for a first overview. If you seek more information and deeper technical knowledge, please contact us. We are providing you with a whitepaper about the Net-Zero Heat System and answer your questions.

Our Mission

Climate change is one of the most severe problems of our time. The world needs to shift to renewable energy. The challenge: renewable energy production largely depends on the availability of sun and wind. Decoupling energy production from consumption with storage facilities is crucial for the transition to renewable energy. A world-wide transition requires a global storage capacity of more than 15,000 TWh el in 2050.

Industrial waste heat is also a kind of renewable energy. The market size of waste heat was determined to 280 TWh for Germany alone. The world-wide potential is not known yet.

At Kraftblock our mission is to design a storage based sustainable energy system.

Kraftblock provides an eco-friendly, cost-efficient and highly scalable, modular thermal energy storage system. A cornerstone for the transition to renewable energy.

Key Facts at a glance

Use Cases

Kraftblock’s thermal energy storage is tailored for two broad scenarios that can strongly benefit from the high energy density of our system and the modularity and flexibility of our concept. Both Industrial Waste Heat and Electrical Power can have a big variation over time and can be improved by using a storage system for stabilisation.

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