Energy Supply

5% of German wind power is not used because turbines are shut down due to excess power.

The energy transition requires new concepts for urban heat supply and the intermediate storage of sustainable energy. We need to replace gas in district heating and exploit the potential of green power sources in order to become independent of fossil fuels. Kraftblock is able to replace applications up for two weeks but not seasonal.

Kraftblock’s Potential

Kraftblock provides several solutions for utilities and energy providers. With the Net-Zero Heat system as well as mobile heat, heating can be decarbonized and converted to lower cost alternatives. Kraftblock can store excess energy from renewable energy sources as heat and help decarbonize various fields. For energy suppliers, grid relief and the opportunity to store surplus energy supports their core business. Additionally, the system allows the repurposing of power plants and increasing their efficiency.


  • Decarbonize district heating network
  • Grid relief
  • Prevent curtailment
  • Convert conventional power plant
  • Increasing efficiency in fossil-fired power generation

Your Benefits

  • Increased Profitability

  • Increased Energy Production

  • Reduced CO₂ Emissions

  • Reduced Energy Price Risk

The suitable Kraftblock system for your industry

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