The core of the Kraftblock technology is the innovative storage material which can store temperatures up to 1,300°C. Thanks to an advanced storage system, Kraftblock combines high thermal conductivity with high specific heat capacity. Kraftblock is a long-duration storage and stores energy up to two weeks.

The overall function of the storage system is simple: heat is transferred from the heat transfer medium to the storage material, where it is stored. To access the energy when it is needed, the charging process is reversed: A cold transfer medium flows through the granulate and extracts the thermal energy.

Schematische Darstellung der Kraftblock Systeme

Kraftblock offers complete systems that provide energy in the form of electricity, heat, steam and cooling, all the way from the source to the storage unit to the application. The system solution of Kraftblock enables industrial companies to replace fossil energy with renewable energy and recycle industrial waste heat.

Kraftblock's storage system is compatible with a variety of heat transfer media including air, flue gas, liquid salt and even thermal oil. The high energy density and low cost enable highly efficient solutions for multiple industries.

Kraftblock's storage systems can be easily scaled thanks to the modular design with standardized containers, allowing them to be tailored to any application.

Your benefits

  • High Efficiency

    1.2 MWh per m³

    Kraftblock stores temperatures up to 1,300°C, enabling a storage capacity of up to 1.2 MWh per m³. This results in a compact system.

  • Cost Efficient

    Low operating costs

    Kraftblock offers storage solutions with a payback period of a few years. If CO₂ certificates are included, the payback period is even shorter.

  • Durable

    up to 40 years

    The Kraftblock system is durable and requires little maintenance. The Kraftblock container has a life-span of over 15,000 cycles. With one use per day, this corresponds to a service life of over 40 years.

  • Sustainable

    up to 85% recycled materials

    The storage material consists of up to 85 percent recycled materials. The storage does not use rare earths or resources that have negative effects on the environment and is also almost completely recyclable.

  • Scalable

    Modular and Scalable Solutions

    Kraftblock offers stackable container units from 4 to 60 MWh as well as charging and discharging stations to meet any capacity need. The storage can be stacked up to a capacity of several Gigawatt hours.The system can be loaded and unloaded sequentially and operated as required.

  • Modular

    Storage platform for heat and electricity

    The interchangeable charging and discharging units allow for the storage system to work with both waste heat and renewable electricity. Energy can be discharged at flexible temperature levels and transferred to different heat media for any purpose.

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