Net-Zero Heat System

The Net-Zero Heat System aims to replace gas and oil in the industrial sector entirely. Renewable electricity is converted into heat up to 1000°C and offers a sustainable and self-sufficient alternative to conventional gas boilers or firing with coal or oil.

The solution for Processes up to 1,000°C

Excess electricity is converted into heat with 98% efficiency and stored for up to two weeks. The storage system uses the energy to generate heat transfer media such as steam and to heat transfer media such as thermal oil, water or drying air. That way, any production using heat can be 100% decarbonized with just one step - replacing the burner.

Over 70% of the world's heat consumption in the temperature range of 100-400 degrees Celsius is generated by oil, gas or coal. Fossil energy can be replaced by renewable energy. The Kraftblock Net-Zero Heat solution is the right system for this transition.




At a plant of food producer PepsiCo, Kraftblock replaces gas with clean energy in cooperation with Dutch energy supplier Eneco. Clean power from Eneco is transferred into KRAFTBLOCK’s high-temperature energy storage to supply process heat to fry potato chips. A gas-fired boiler is replaced by a fossil-free system that supplies process heat in form of thermal oil. The project contains the worldwide biggest high-temperature energy storage.

A 22MW gas-fired boiler is replaced with Kraftblock’s Net-Zero Heat System. Alltogether, five modules will be installed. Two modules with 35 MWh storage capacity each will be implemented until December 2023

The project in the Netherlands saves PepsiCo 4.5 million cubic meters of gas every year and avoids 51% of the carbon dioxide emissions. All planned modules reduce 98% of the CO₂-emissions of the plant’s energy supply. The food industry has a massive potential to avoid emissions: In Germany alone, 32 TWh of gas were consumed in 2020. This gas is responsible for 81% of production emissions.

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