Steel & Non-ferrous Metals Industry

8% of global emissions come from the steel industry. For every ton of crude steel, 1.85 tons of CO₂ are produced.

The steel industry is the foundation of our current infrastructure and crucial for a functioning circular economy. The production of iron, steel and non-ferrous metals currently runs on coal and gas for the most part. Switching to renewable energies presents enormous potential for the urgently needed decarbonization of our metal-processing industries.

Kraftblock’s Potential

Firings, sinter plants, annealing and tempering processes have high energy consumption. Most of these plants are fired with fossil fuels such as coal, gas and coke.

Kraftblock’s Waste Heat Recycling System recycles waste heat and makes the already burned energy usable again.

Processes up to 1,000°C can be electrified by Kraftblock’s Net-Zero Heat System.


  • Firing furnaces
  • Melting furnaces
  • Steam generation
  • Drying of raw material
  • Hardening/firing/annealing
  • Sinter cooler
  • Preheating
  • Mixing sinter
  • Flare gases
  • Melting zinc

Your Benefits

  • Reduced energy price risk

  • Increased security of supply

  • Reduced waste heat

  • Reduced CO₂ Emissions

  • Increased profitability

The suitable Kraftblock system for your industry

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