Chemical Industry

3 PWh annual energy consumption for heat – primarily by oil and gas

The chemical and plastics industry has a very high energy demand, which is mostly met by fossil fuels such as oil and gas up until today. As one of the largest emitters of CO₂, the chemical industry has played a major role in decarbonizing the industrial sector and has already achieved a lot over the last 30 years. Another important step on the way to climate neutrality is the switch to renewable energies and the reuse of energy sources such as heat.

Kraftblock’s Potential

The standardized Kraftblock system offers a decarbonization solution and an alternative to gas and oil for a wide range of production processes, including steam generation, heating of thermal oil and process heat up to 800°C.

Kraftblock’s Net-Zero Heat system supplies heat processes with green energy from renewable sources. By adjusting the temperature of the storage tank, the heat can be used for steam generation and to supply heat processes at any temperature up to 1,000°C, replacing gas and other fossil fuels.


  • Steam generation
  • Drying processes
  • Furnaces in inorganic chemistry
  • Heating of acrylic
  • Molding processes

Your Benefits

  • Less fossil energy

  • Reduced CO₂ Emissions

  • Increased security of supply

  • Increased Profitability

The suitable Kraftblock system for your industry

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