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Cedric Fritsch

Cedric Fritsch

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Kraftblock is a high-temperature (up to 1,300°C) energy storage system designed to decarbonize the industry. Their solution can store approximately 3 times more energy than current industry solutions, and charges twice as fast. The process produces only 180 kg/MWh CO₂ which is almost five times more efficient than alternatives.

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Innovative energy storage

The world’s shift to renewable energy needs a solution to one central challenge: how to store excess solar and wind power for later use. Meanwhile, energy-intensive industries have a challenge of their own: what to do with all of the excess heat they generate. Kraftblock CEO Martin Schichtel, a chemist by training, believes his German-based company has the answer – a thermal-based storage system.

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Start-ups aim to unlock full potential of ‘green’ tech

Across Europe, a range of entrepreneurs are attracting funds aimed to improving how power is generated and deployed in industry and at home. Kraftblock, a German start-up with a novel thermal storage solution, is one of the most recent additions to the Koolen Industries portfolio.

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Koolen Industries joins the investors

Responding to Global Challenges Through Innovation

“It’s really a step forward in terms of becoming global,” says Martin Schichtel, CEO of Kraftblock, a cleantech company. Schichtel participated in the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt accelerator program RESPOND, which is operated by UnternehmerTUM. He was part of the first cohort that started in 2020 and was especially impressed by the focus on responsible leadership, impact, and sustainable business models.


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