Generate Electricity

Electricity is an important part for a green industry and the energy transition. Energy producers using fossil fuels are still among the largest sources of emissions in industrialized countries. To transition completely to renewable solutions, such as wind or solar energy, we need to implement storages to balance the volatile production. Additionally, the now existing power plant infrastructure needs to be repurposed to supply the grid with green power and stability.

The solution for scalable electricity generation

In case waste heat cannot be utilized directly, it can be used to generate electricity. Also, surplus power from renewable energy sources can be converted into heat, stored and if needed reconverted to power. Due to the big storage capacity of Kraftblock’s systems and the high-temperature approach of up to 1,300°C, the technology is the ideal solution to store electricity and to recycle waste heat for power generation.

Utilize existing turbines

Industries with fluctuating high-temperature waste heat can also generate sustainable electricity with Kraftblock's solution. This approach is ideal when an existing power generation infrastructure (boiler/steam turbine/ORC) can be used.

There are also some applications where a new, small generator combined with a Kraftblock system is a viable business model.

Repurpose Power plants

Due to the high capacity of Kraftblock’s storage system, the existing infrastructure of conventional power plants can be repurposed to generate sustainable electricity.

This can relieve and stabilize a power grid designed for renewable sources without curtailment or generating negative electricity prices.

In addition, new investments in grid infrastructure and the associated grid permits would be obsolete.

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