Waste Heat Recycling System

Kraftblock’s Waste Heat Recycling System utilizes waste heat from industrial processes up to 1,300°C. Waste heat that was previously discharged into the atmosphere is reused, thereby decarbonizing industrial processes.

The Solution for Processes up to 1,300°C

In industrial processes, only 60% of the used energy goes into the actual production. Instead of letting the remaining waste heat go unused into the atmosphere, Kraftblock recycles it with the Heat-to-Heat system. The reuse of waste heat represents a climate-neutral energy source and enables our customers to generate steam, process heat, district heating, electricity or cooling.

85% of industrial heat above 400°C is generated by oil, gas or coal. Recycling waste heat offers enormous potential. Kraftblock’s Waste Heat Recycling System stores waste heat for further use.

These industries in particular can use the Waste Heat Recycling System to exploit untapped potential:

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