Glass & Ceramics

182 TWh of gas are used in the ceramics industry worldwide.

There is a lot of untapped potential from waste heat in the glass and ceramics industry. Production currently runs mostly on gas and is affected largely by strong price fluctuations. High energy efficiency is not only a means to greater sustainability, but also a competitive advantage for companies.

Kraftblock’s Potential

The glass industry has many processes with valuable waste heat. Kraftblock’s Waste Heat Recyling System stores the waste heat and makes it usable again at a later time. Combining the systems with the stackable storage enables flexible use of the heat in the same or in another process. This allows productions to decarbonize their processes and save fossil fuels. In many of the melting and tempering processes in the glass industry, the Kraftblock system can be integrated to reduce fuels and emissions.

Kraftblock’s Net-Zero Heat System can be used in several areas, such as ceramic goods, bricks, tiles, white goods or special products. Depending on the required temperature level, process heat can also be provided by a Net-Zero Heat system using renewable electricity.


  • Melting in ovens and firings
  • Recycling ovens
  • Tempering
  • Preheating of material
  • Spray drying
  • Thermal debinding
  • Drying ovens
  • Air dryers
  • Heat water

Your Benefits

  • Reduced Energy Price Risk

  • Increased Security of Supply

  • Reduced Waste Heat

  • Reduced CO₂ Emissions

  • Increased Profitability

The suitable Kraftblock system for your industry

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