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Industrial Waste Heat

280 TWh excess industrial heat is currently released in Germany alone. Current storage-technologies lack the necessary energy density and high temperatures preventing large-scale industry adoption and energy losses so far. The re-use of waste heat offers a climate-neutral energy source. Excess heat with more than 500°C enables energy suppliers to produce electricity, process heat, district heating or cold, but often the thermal energy is available only for a couple of hours each day or is released in high quantities during a small time frame. If this energy can be buffered, even “waste”-heat can play an important role in our energy transition. This is worthwhile for companies in view of the worldwide discussion and introduction of a CO2 tax, not only from an ecological but also from an economic perspective. Kraftblock is the missing link. Its power and capacity, as well as the module-based system, bring exactly those characteristics needed to make industrial heat more “renewable”.


Heat sources of different Industries

Ecological Impact of Waste‑heat Recycling

Recycling energy and storing energy also means climate protection. If it is possible to use energy generated once several times, primary energy sources can be saved and CO₂ emissions avoided. If, for example, high-temperature waste heat is stored instead of being blown into the atmosphere and made available to a process from the storage tank in a uniform manner, the CO₂ savings potential is immense. For example, 500GWh of stored waste heat (>600°C) can generate steam, preheat raw materials and supply other processes. In this way, the user saves up to 110,000 tons of CO₂ per year.

Application Case

Waste Heat usage in Ceramic Industry

Project Overview

One of our pilot projects is settled in the Ceramics Industry. It is targeted to recycle process waste heat by capturing the thermal energy of the created flue gas, storing it and reusing it to preheat production components.

Technical Data

  • 10ft Container (Storage Type T)
  • 1x charging and 1x discharging unit
  • Flue gas quantity: 1.5 GWh/a
  • Temperature level: ca. 500°C
  • Power: 1.8 MW th
  • Capacity: 4.2 MWh th
  • Heat carrier: Air / Flue Gas

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