Kraftblock enables energy buffering for numerous different applications from recycling of waste heat to system services for the electric grid.

Our standardized modules can be stacked, combined and installed basically wherever needed, which means that the storage can easily be adjusted to any application.

Renewable energies

As renewables are our future, it is extremely important to establish a safe and highly efficient storage. Buffering electrical energy as thermal energy is an economical and very efficient way. Kraftblock plays its advantages at the point. The exceptionally high energy density allows Kraftblock to store much more energy at a fraction of the space. Our energy storage has a practically infinite lifespan (tested for 15K cycles), while Lithium cells only provide a maximum of 6,000 cycles).

Moreover, Kraftblock is produced with up to 85% recycled material which makes it eco-friendly and sustainable. It is universally applicable (Power-to-Heat, Heat-to-Heat, Heat-to-Power, Power-to-Power) and very cost-effective thanks to the modular system. As Kraftblock stores at a temperature profile up to 1,300°C the thermal energy can be “electrified” with great efficiency. The round-trip can even be optimized by using this storage-power-plant as a CHP (combined heat/power)-plant. Renewable energy at the beginning of this process, renewable electricity and heat at the end of this process.

Industrial heat

280 TWh excess industrial heat are currently released in Germany alone. Current storage-technologies lack the necessary energy density and high temperatures preventing large-scale industry adoption and energy losses so far.

The re-use of waste heat offers a climate neutral energy source. Excess heat with more than 500°C enables energy suppliers to produce electricity, process heat, cold or district heating but often the thermal energy is available only for a couple of hours each day or is released in high quantities during a small time frame. If this energy can be buffered, even “waste”-heat can play an important role in our energy transition.

Kraftblock is the missing link. Its power and capacity, as well as the module-based system bring exactly those characteristics needed to make industrial heat more “renewable”.

Concentrated Solar Power

CSP plants concentrate solar power on a specific point using mirrors. Fresnel-plants, parabolic plants or solar towers are emerging technologies in regions with high DNI (Direct Normal Irradiation). Currently, molten salts are used to absorb and store heat.

Especially solar towers are able to produce more than 1,000°C at the receivers. At the moment new receiver technologies are tested and Kraftblock is the perfect match as a storage.

Kraftblock’s granular material can store higher temperatures over a much longer period of time at a fraction of space. Moreover, the higher storage temperature allows a significantly more efficient transformation into electricity. The combination of new solar towers and Kraftblock makes CSP capable of bearing base loads.